Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Semi Hair Length Check(32 Weeks Post.)

This is a semi length check of my hair am currently 32 weeks post relaxer.I washed my hair on friday and allowed it too air-dry on saturday i was going too flatiron my  new growth but i was a little reoccupied because my father-in-laws birthday was on the same day so his wife decided too throw him a party.So today i got extremely late because i went too bed until 5:55am from the nigh before and i was so happy because there wasn't anything for me too do (as in chores Lol) so i toke a shower and what not then sprayed my hair with my motions heat protector along with FX special effects flatiron spray and began doing my hair in large sections.Too add a little shine i applied coconut oil after i was done.The a before pic and after pic of my hair is below.

This is From Friday      

This is after i flatiron today(Sunday)
    My ends need too be trim(or better yet cut) and i will be doing that after i do my texlax.

This picture show my length check.The W is for waist length while the H if for hip length

This is photo of my new-growth after i did my flatiron.


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