Friday, December 31, 2010

All About My Hair

                                                                                                            Armpit Lenght

I was inpired to start my journey on 10th February of 2009  after i had saw a hair journey video on youtube.My main goal since i decided too start my hair journey is to have thick  healthy long hair.I started off with my hair at armpit length but it was extremely thin and shedding a lot.

 The products i started my hair journey with was Aphogee.My hair adapted really well even to the strong protein treatment.But as time went on i began trying different products as well as hair supplements which also helped in my hair growth.And since then i have learned how to stretch out my relaxers from 12 weeks too 6 months.Overall its not a walk in the park but its all worth it.I haven't really had any set backs.But my main goal on this journey is too have thick healthy long hair.And keeping it all simple while doing it.The pictures below are too show my progress as time went on.I don't know my hair type as yet.Update i made my hair goal and my new goal is too focus on getting healthy thick hair.


1 Year and 10 Months Length Comparison

Ponytail Comparison
Edited By:Onika


ModischFrame said...

Your hair journey is really inspiring..keep it up :-)
Much love from the UK

LovelyAnna said...

I was wondering how long you have texlaxed your hair? Since the beginning and if you are fully texlaxed?

♥Onika♥ said...

no i started in 2010 and am not fully texlax as yet

SixyNayah said...

Did u first have relaxed hair n then switched to texlax?

SixyNayah said...

Did u first have relaxed hair n then switched to texlax?

Карина said...

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