Thursday, May 7, 2009

Relaxer/Hair Progress.

Hey every i just wanted to share a updated with you guys i did my relaxer yesterday because i was 8 weeks post lol.And on monday and tuesday nigth i took my ORS Jojoba Oil and i put it all over my hair but not on the new growth the reason i did that i becasue i read this girls regimen Here is its is

I kinda stumbled upon not relaxing the hair super straight a couple of years ago. One time, I accidentally relaxed my hair with a lot of oil and grease in it, and the relaxer didn’t take. I was so pissed because I wasn’t use to all the curl and body (The oil keeps the relaxer from penetrating the hair strand). Eventually, I got use to all the thickness and curls, so I continued to apply a lot of oil and grease to my previously relaxed hair before each relaxer. Over time, the hair got fuller due to this.
Basically, I relax my hair just like the instructions in the relaxer kits.
1) Before relaxing, I lightly detangle the hair with a shower comb (the hair doesn’t have to be super detangled).
2) I create 12 parts, I apply a lot of Vaseline, grease, or oil (im sure that they all work pretty well) to the previously relaxed hair (not directly to the roots). I twist each section into a Bantu knot and secured with butterfly clamps. I also apply a lot of grease to my kitchen area, and around my hair line.
3) I unravel 1 section at a time, and apply relaxer to it. I do the front first and the back last.
4)I lightly smooth the hair, probably for about 1 minute or 2 before I rinse. I leave the relaxer on for about 12-15 minutes in total. Depending on how fast I can get it on.
5) I wash my hair about 6-8 times to ensure that the relaxers out…..Two times is not enough.
6) I condition with a mixture of conditioner and oil, and I sit under the dryer for about 20 minutes before rinsing.
To make a long story short, just apply a lot of grease, oil, or vasline to the previously relaxed hair before relaxing. This will prevent overlapping and overprocessing, and over time the hair will thicken up.)

So i decided to try it so on monday and tuesday nigth that was i did and then i took a plastic wrap and put it on my hair so that it didn't mess up my pillow.I did this because i honestly didn't want my hair bone straight but i wanted the new growth straigth so i made sure i didn't put in on the newgrowth.I do my realxer my self and sometimes when i want to treat my self i go to the salon where i have one person do my hair.Anyways i just wanted to share that with you guys and here is some pics.

And here is another of my new growth that i relaxed and my progress below.


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